Coaching Services

Business Coaching

Business Performance Coaching provides for clarity and learning that results in commitment to action for improvement. A business performance coach will not only give you the tools you need but will work with you to create a customer roadmap to get you where you want to go. A majority of organizations (86%) who utilize business coaching claim they receive a Return on the Investment they have made. Business coaching can bring many benefits to an individual as well as an organization including increased productivity, enhanced decision making abilities, improved work-life balance, and realization of goals that were perhaps not thought to previously be attainable. Business coaching keeps you focused and accountable to ensure long-term and sustainable change can be achieved in your business. High performance athletes engage the support of coaches to maximize their performance, business leaders are now doing the same.

Workshops and Seminars

The recently introduced Success Series of workshops address a number of key areas that business leaders, owners, and employees can benefit from. Adult learning methodologies are important in order to maximize the experience and the speed which attendees can put into practice what they learn. At FocalPoint Coaching our Success Series employees the kinaesthetic approach to adult learning in order maximizing that learning experience. The Success Series includes topics such as 1) Sales and Sales Management Success, 2) Performing at Your Best 3) Management Success, and 4) Business Success. These 1-2 days workshops are designed to help attendees put into practice what they learn the very next day.

DISC Behavioural Assessments

DISC is a personal assessment tool that is used to improve personal productivity, teamwork, and communication. It is non-judgmental and helps people discuss their behavioural differences. The DISC model provides a common language so that people can better understand themselves and how to adapt their behaviour to others. This can be within a work team, sales relationship, leadership position, or other relationships. DISC is used by Fortuna 500 organizations, small and medium sized companies, non-profits, churches, government agencies, and educational institutions to name a few.

The Approach

FocalPoint business performance coaching is a holistic approach to assisting business owners, entrepreneurs, and managers from any sized organization. A thorough assessment of the goals/opportunities of the business and the obstacles that represent the critical constraints from attaining them is conducted. The FocalPoint program removes the fear, uncertainty, and doubt, surrounding four key areas for any business leader;

  1. Time
  2. Team
  3. Money
  4. Exit Strategy

Every business unit should have a well-developed plan to take it from its current state to its desired state, the FocalPoint approach does just that and more.