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5 Reasons to Hire a Business Coach

You’re a business owner or entrepreneur and a good one. You’ve worked hard, had some success, but what’s next?

Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s a more effective way to lead? Or, how you can reduce costs or motivate your employees to increase your bottom line? And, you’ve been thinking a lot lately about life/work balance, or the lack thereof. You’ve gotten this far on your own — why can’t you get to the next level the same way? One option is to get advice from a friend or business colleague.

The problem with that mindset is the fact it’s quite difficult, and sometimes impossible, to be objective about your own patterns and habits. And our friends are often biased or have their own subconscious agendas, and it’s not always prudent to talk to a business colleague or employee.

Why hire a business coach?

1. Move outside your comfort zone

It’s pretty common for business owners to become enmeshed in running their businesses. A business coach can help you see things differently and push you to try new things in your business.

2. Turn your ideas and hopes into reality

As a business owner, you’ve likely got many great ideas and wishes for your company. Where do you start? An experienced coach will help you evaluate your ideas and help you assess whether they’re realistic and will work with you to put a strategy in place to make them work.

3. Work with someone who’s not afraid to challenge you

All great athletes and sports teams have coaches — someone who is there to cheer them on, but also to guide them to execution to achieve their greatest potential. A great coach recognizes that  one size doesn’t fit all, so his or her own coaching method must be tailored for getting you to the next level.

4. Increase your bottom line

A good business coach will provide you with time tested techniques to enable you make more money, or to run your business more effectively. Or, if that’s not your goal, he or she can give you the tools to find a better work/life balance.

5. Accountability

It’s easy to make plans and set goals, and it’s just as easy to get derailed by work, life or everyday details that bog you down and keep you from achieving them. By setting these goals with a coach, you’ll be held accountable.

Your business coach will (and should) get to know you and your business inside out. Your coaching time is an opportunity to look at your business from a high level with someone who is objective. It’s a time to also dig deep and see where problems lie and strategize, instead of worrying about the challenges you’re facing.

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Kelly Laverty

I have a passion for helping business leaders and owners achieve their full potential. With over 30 years of experience I have a proven track record of success in marketing, product management and strategic business planning and have delivered outstanding results throughout my career.