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Stand out — have a book to hand out

We operate in a noisy and busy marketplace. As a business owner or entrepreneur, capturing the attention of audiences already beset by competing messages, is one of your biggest challenges.

How do you differentiate yourself from your competitors? In my 10+ year coaching practice working with CEOs, business leaders and owners, that question is one I stress with my clients. And one we work hard together to answer.

Business books are the new business card

One of the most effective methods to set yourself apart as an expert in your field is to write a book. You’ll gain instant credibility, plus open new doors, strengthen your personal and business brand, make your vision clearer for your team and improve your bottom line.

Here’s some great articles that underscore why you should consider the idea and what you should think about before starting.

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A book helps you dominate your market, differentiates you from others who say they do the same work you do and is a cool thing to talk about at networking events, cocktail parties and dinners. It establishes you as an authority.

I recommend writing one to many of my clients — it’s one of the most effective and far-reaching marketing tools available. Rise above the crowd — most business owners have a university degree and a business with a slick website. Not many have written a book.

Book writing resources

And as always, I take my own advice. As a business coach, I have my own coach. That’s why I’m writing my own book this year. I’ll be working with Denise Summers of Amphora Communications who works with business owners to help tell their stories. Denise has a simple process to help you get started, and can either edit your writing or ghostwrite your book for you. You can get in touch with Denise @ Her website is

If this has been on your radar or you’re now thinking about it, Denise is also hosting Write Now! Business Book Writing Made Simple on January 18.

Stand out in 2019 — have a book to hand out!

Kelly Laverty

I have a passion for helping business leaders and owners achieve their full potential. With over 30 years of experience I have a proven track record of success in marketing, product management and strategic business planning and have delivered outstanding results throughout my career.